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THE NIL SOURCE - Your home for name, image and likeness opportunities.


Every year there are approximately 550,000 college athletes and 8 million high school athletes in the United States.


Athletes need a better way to connect with name, image and likeness opportunities. Businesses need a better way to connect with athletes. With state laws, NCAA rules, college rules, the Federal government and legal challenges the name, image and likeness world is the wild west and moving fast. How can an athlete position themselves to be prepared to capitalize in this ever-changing world? Where can businesses and service providers turn to find new talent to keep up? THE NIL SOURCE –

Whether it is a personal appearance, a product launch, camps, or other activation, THE NIL SOURCE is your home for name, image and likeness opportunities.

As of July 1, 2021, twenty-eight states, the NCAA, and over 1,000 colleges enacted laws and policies to govern how, and if, those student-athletes could be compensated for their name, image and likeness. All of these new policies have opened limitless opportunities for the student-athlete to build their brand and monetize their name while playing the sport they love.


How does an athlete get discovered and build their brand awareness at a local level, whether in their home town or their college town, and, can they build their name into a regional or even nationally recognized brand?


THE NIL SOURCE can help them on that journey. Whether they just want to make sure that local businesses know who they are and how to contact them, or they are working to build a national brand, THE NIL SOURCE is the place to start.


Athletes can find potential business partners through our database, build their brand awareness, easily upload and update their profile throughout the year, and post their latest achievements through the NIL blog.


While helping athletes build their brand, businesses and service providers can easily find new talent for their next marketing campaign, plan local, regional and national events, build their customer base, find new customers, improve brand awareness, and increase sales.


THE NIL SOURCE is the database for athletes and businesses to find each other. 

Baseball Player
Abdomen Exercise

Why should I join THE NIL SOURCE?


Joining THE NIL SOURCE opens up the following opportunities.

For Athletes

  • Highlight your brand to agencies, sports marketers, and businesses

  • Clearly showcase your abilities when you are not there

  • Demonstrate what you can do for future employers

  • Search contact information for agencies, managers, and businesses

  • Post NIL updates in one central location

Lacrosse Play

For Businesses and Service Providers

  • Increase sales – generate leads and opportunities, acquire new customers, retain customers

  • Launch a new product, solution, or initiative, refine go-to-market strategy

  • Improve awareness, increase web traffic

  • Highlight your company to world-class athletes, their families, and friends

  • Search a variety of collegiate sports for local, regional, and national talent

  • Identify up-and-coming athletes

  • Post name, image and likeness opportunities in one central location

  • Build networks across the region and nationally

"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games." - Babe Ruth
The nature of athletics is a constant tug-of-war between traditional rules and ways of playing the game with modern opportunities and the impact it has on the development of athletic competition. It’s important to understand where we’ve come from in order to foster and shape the future direction of college athletics.

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